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How to find out the lowest ad costs on any station.
How to flip the switch so customers can’t wait to buy from you.
What you absolutely, positively must do when new customers walk in the door in response to your TV commercial.
How to use “behind the mind” psychology to corner your market.
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From the Desk of Television Advertising Expert
Brian Baumann

Dear Business Owner: Imagine how you’ll feel the first time you have a new customer come to your business telling you they saw your commercial on television. Then, imagine how you’ll feel when you hit the highest sales month in the history of your business! Follow the steps in the Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners and you’ll be well on your way.

First, let me first share with you how this TV advertising home study course came into existence. Several years ago I met David Frey. . .

David is one of the most innovative marketers in the country and President of Marketing Best Practices Inc. David was impressed with the results that I was achieving with my small business TV advertising clients. He eventually asked me to create an information product that revealed how I was achieving remarkable success for my clients with affordable television advertising. Then, the Do-It-Yourself, Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners was born. David believed in my product so deeply that he agreed to introduce it to the marketplace it on my behalf.

Here’s what David Frey has to say. . .
Dear Business Associate: If you’re in business for long-term success, I have a wake-up call you simply can’t ignore. What I’m about to tell you isn’t even on the radar of most small businesses that depend on their local trade areas for survival. .
“If you aren’t using TV advertising to trounce your competition, get a lock on your clients and customers, and generate a steady stream of new cash-in-hand buyers. . . You could be setting the stage to become another small business failure, and not even realize it.”
It’s not my usual style to hit small business owners with in-your-face scare tactics, but today’s market is more than competitive, as you know. It’s brutal. I know because I field calls every week from small business owners. Some are hanging by on by sheer force of will. Others are baffled because their businesses simply won’t kick into high gear. For all their efforts, they haven’t been able to crack the code to get their businesses on track for predictable, even explosive, growth. Does this describe you
  • Are you limited by a small marketing budget?
  • Are you frustrated because the many low-cost, grassroots marketing techniques you’ve tried are not worth the effort or time?
  • Are you tired of spending good money on advertising that produces pitiful results?
  • Are you disappointed that your business hasn’t taken off the way you imagined it would?
  • Are you fearful that your business could easily become a casualty with the slightest downturn in the economy?
  • Are you exhausted from just trying to hold your own in your market?
  • Do you struggle to get your share of the business that’s available?
  • Is your cash flow hog-tied by seasonal ups and downs?
  • Are your plans to expand stifled for lack of enough business?
Does any of this sound remotely familiar? If your small business could use a shot of adrenalin to improve traffic and sales, I want to introduce you to someone you need to know – Brian Baumann. He’s THE Go-To Guy for small business owners who want to use local TV advertising for short- and long-term growth.
Brian Baumann helps professionals and small business owners achieve explosive growth – on a small budget. His 25 years of local TV advertising experience is distilled in. . .
The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System For Small Business Owners
Brian has a stable of clients who’ve seen almost unbelievable results (you’ll read some of the case studies in a minute). After 25 years in the business, he has documented the exact 6-phase system he uses with his own clients. That means you can “turn on the tap” to get an endless flow of new customers month in and month out using TV advertising
How would you like this to happen to your practice or business
  • See old customers who drifted away come back and become loyal fans.
  • Welcome new clients and customers who may drive miles and miles – past your major competitors – to spend money at your business.
  • Overwhelm the competition. The competitors who barely knew you existed won’t know what hit them when you step up as the leader.
  • Become a local celebrity, recognized on sight by thousands of people in your area. This can lead to appearances at civic events, social gatherings, games and so forth. (The kind of exposure money can’t buy.)
  • Secure more floor space to accommodate your expanding business. (One of Brian’s clients grabs the spaces abandoned by failing businesses in his building!)
  • Scoop the lowest prices for airtime – or even get free ads – while other businesses mindlessly lose precious ad dollars out of ignorance.
  • Maximize your ad dollars.
The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System For Small Business Owners

This is a one-of-a-kind course. There is simply nothing like it on the market! When I saw Brian’s system, I couldn’t wait to introduce it to you and other small business owners. As I said before, I’ve looked for this kind of instruction and there simply isn’t any other authoritative input available – and certainly nothing to help you do it yourself. This is the first course of its kind that I’ve ever seen. Sure, there’s plenty of information about television advertising out there if you’re a big company with a big budget and a fancy (expensive) ad agency handling all the production details and media buys. But this is the definitive, step-by-step system for small business owners who want to pull more customers from their trade areas at an affordable price. It’s been proven successful over and over again. I imagine once word gets out about Brian’s course, there will be some hair-pulling going on at the local TV network affiliate stations that benefit by keeping certain little-known facts from advertisers. But having the inside story will really give you the edge you need to get the most for your money. Brian’s crash course gives you the strategies, techniques and even the jargon so you can look, sound and BE a pro. You’ll gain the respect of the television account rep as well as the production crew. In a matter of weeks, you can boost your sales and image when everything you do to promote your business leverages these four little words. . .

There’s just nothing quite as convincing as having an in-store flyer or banner announcing “As Seen on TV.” The phrase has never gotten tired. . . has never lost its magnetic appeal. You see, although magazines and newspapers are losing readership, TV is still strong – and growing stronger. Here are some common television advertising facts to prove it.

“Here’s why Brian Baumann is the ONE, the ONLY TV advertising professional in the U.S. uniquely qualified to help small business owners like you.”

1. You could say Brian has advertising imprinted on his DNA. His grand Dad owned an advertising firm before the advent of television and his dad was producing TV ads when commercials were live. (As a child, Brian even appeared in TV commercials for his dad’s clients.)

2. He has 25 years of experience. He earned his stripes as a media professional at both a FOX network affiliate and an independent television station.

3. Brian then launched out on his own. Unlike most media buyers, ad agency account reps or television sales reps, Brian has experience on both sides of the desk. He has been a seller of media and a buyer of media.

4. He has quietly produced one success story after another for clients using his proven 6-phase system. He maintains long-term relationships quite unlike the hit-and-run “experts” who are gone as soon as the check clears.

5. Brian is not one of the over-hyped “wannabe” gurus who simply parrot information they’ve cobbled together into an information product. He’s the real deal with street credibility among clients and TV station execs. He’s in the trenches every day, not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done. 6. His course is the same methodical process he uses when consulting with clients. This isn’t “fantasy camp.” This is essentially Brian’s operations manual. It eliminates the guesswork and puts his proven TV ad tools in your hands.

Click On the Images Below to See Proof that You Really Can Buy Prime Time Television Airtime On Major Broadcast Stations for $50 Or Even Less…When You Know the Secret!
This CD alone is worth the entire price of the course! It’ll pay for itself the very first time you use it. . . and 10, 50, even 100 times over.
Why pay $400 to $1500 per airing of one :30 second commercial when you could pay just $50 !!!
(Note: These amazing rates are achieved through the R.O.S. negoiation strategy, not fixed rate card rates. Rates vary by market size and local market demand.).
“What some of our Clients said about this Course.”
"We had just purchased a 50 year old window and door business and needed to boost revenue. Brian Baumann recommended we use television advertising on the major stations to attract new customers. After we spoke with some of his clients, we moved forward. Brian immersed himself in our business. He wanted to know what thoughts and emotions went through customer’s minds when they ultimately made the purchase. He put together a commercial that really spoke to the wants of our target customers. He purchased airtime to run the commercial in shows that were perfectly targeted for what we were trying to accomplish. We used a simple television commercial for several years without changing a thing. We have produced other commercials since, capitalizing on what we have learned. There have even been times where we stopped the ads for a while because we could not handle any more business. We went from $2,500,000 in sales when we started with Brian 9 years ago to over $10,000,000 today and have expanded our store, and need to expand again. We’ve also grown to be the largest Marvin window dealer in our region."
David L. Wilhelm-PresidentLisbon Storm,Screen&DoorInc. Milwaukee, WI
"Brian Baumann approached us about 10 years ago at a weak moment. We had been doing our own advertising for years, and when we got busy it was put off and often forgotten. Brian showed up at the right time and we took a chance with our small budget. We did TV, sometimes at 3:00am, but no print. He forced us to plan and execute and be a consistent presence in the market place. He even suggested some other marketing methods that we still use today. Brian is very professional and has put us in good programs while staying within our budget. We are now spending much more on television advertising because our business has more than doubled since we started with him."
Chip Burghardt-OwnerBurghardt Sporting Goods-Since 1881 Brookfield, WI
"Your marketing system is very effective in getting new patients in the door. We get a consistent flow of new patients calling us about our ambulatory phlebectomy procedure. Even after using your system for almost two years, one would think that the results would slow down, but the calls keep coming in every day! I’ve learned that any practice can go after new patients directly without having to rely on other Doctors for referrals."
James D. SursoM.D.-Owner. Alabama Vein Center Madison, Alabama
"With Brian’s help we made three TV commercials, one for each major area of our business. As soon as we started running them, customers came in. We ran the same commercials for two years – they still brought customers in. We even had the news anchor from our NBC station come in and buy a hot tub. She said she saw the commercial for so long that she just naturally came in to buy."
Joe Spychala-Owner.Baker Pool & Fitness Franklin, WI
"When we first purchased our business, we used the typical advertising methods with typical results. We had thought about television advertising but dismissed it due to the cost. Then, we found Brian Baumann. Brian showed us how to use television affordably with our existing advertising budget. As a result of his television advertising strategies, we experienced 10 to 30 percent monthly sales Increases! We continue to use television to this day. We feature our design services as well as our furniture in the ads. All of the “actors” in the ads are myself and our designers. Customers tell us all the time they see us in our television commercials!"
Joanne Ginster-OwnerBetty Johnson Interiors Milwaukee, WI
"T.V. puts a brand or stamp of legitimacy on your business that no other form of advertising can match. I had always thought that TV advertising was too expensive until Brian showed me how affordable it really was. He shows you how to create television commercials that not only bring in customers, but how to do them at ridiculously low costs. His advice is based on being in the business for years. He explains everything in a very straightforward manner. Most importantly, his television advertising strategies have helped our sales increase dramatically! I would recommend him to any business that wants to bring in new customers"
William Knackert-OwnerBedtime Bedroom Superstore West Bend, WI
"Two days ago we had a lady come into the store, said she had seen the television commercial, then placed a large order. Last year at this time we had bookings of squat. Now we have 25 bookings and they’re not small either. I can’t say enough about Brian’s TV promotion and how he helped our business when we needed it most."
Dave Burbach-OwnerBurbach’s Market Milwaukee, WI
"I’ve known Brian for over 20 years. He KNOWS TV advertising and how to reach customers. Following Brian’s suggestions have helped me maintain my advertising budget and still reach my current customers along with attracting new ones. Brian is intelligent, sincere and very comfortable to work with. He listens to your thoughts and ideas; then gives his recommendations to help you. Brian is a valuable resource for my business and any small business!"
Tomas E. Anheuser-OwnerBazaar Home Decorating Center Brookfield, WI
"I'm getting a much more immediate response, short term, than I expected. My caseload has more than tripled in the last two months".
"If you're not going to do television advertising, be prepared to see your caseload diminish because there are plenty of us who will do it (television) and will overtake your case intake. People are becoming more and more comfortable selecting an attorney from television--there's just no question about it"
"Brian Baumann knows what he is doing and he knows what works".
Attorney Jeff ZarzynskiWisconsin Trial Lawyers, S.C.
"Our business is up 45%. We were surprised to see how affordable television advertising was on the major stations. We started slow but soon ramped up our spend as we saw a store traffic grow. People see us on television and are impressed when they see our faces in the store. Television has increased our credibility. Plus, as the owner, my referral business is up dramatically. When I’m introduced to people in a social setting, they’ll say, "you're that guy on TV" and they want to do business with me. Brian keeps us focused and on track with our marketing which is important to a busy owner. Television has brought people through the door and has made our sales grow, no doubt about it."
Dean Murray,OwnerThe Jewelry Center, Greenfield, WI
"I didn’t know how cheap television ads were on the major stations until Brian showed us proof. In many cases the TV ads we run cost less than radio ads, plus we reach more customers. We know our TV ads bring in customers, our sales prove it."
Bret Eulberg, OwnerRobert Haack Diamond Importers, Greenfield, WI
The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System For Small Business Owners
After spending hours upon hours deep in conversation with Brian, I can clearly see that he hasn’t held back anything. He has literally opened his files, tapped his quarter century of experience and offers what he knows in a way you can use it. He has also pulled some knowledge out his back pocket that some professionals would label “Top Classified” … important stuff that he thinks you should be familiar with, including the techniques even some industry pros don’t know – or won’t share. Why would he do that? I asked Brian and he said. . . “David, I have no reason to hold anything back. I’m still a consultant, but I have limited bandwidth to provide personal consultation. “Creating this easy-to-follow system is the only way I have to get my knowledge and experience to the small business owners who need it, at a small fraction of the cost of hiring me. “Small businesses are already at a disadvantage because they don’t have ready access to this information. I want them to succeed – and they need the tools and training in this course to be successful” By now, I assume you can see that you may have a blind spot and are willing to look at TV advertising with a fresh perspective. Imagine what it could mean to your business if you used what you can learn from BrianThe Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners clearly lays out the roadmap – the six distinct phases of a successful TV advertising campaign.
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