Small Business TV Advertising

Small Business TV Advertising

TV Advertising Expert & Consultant Brian Baumann Reveals Secrets of How To Advertise On Television!

“How To Advertise On Television with TV Commercials That Attract Customers Like A Magnet and Air Them On Major Television Stations Like ABC, CBS, NBC & FOX During Prime Times For As Little As $50 Per Commercial (or less!) . . .”

…and enjoy a consistent flow of new customers ready to buy immediately.



You will NOT find these time tested TV advertising secrets in any bookstore or website.

“Introducing the ONLY Home Study Course For Creating Exciting TV Advertising That Will Create A Stampede of Clients and Customers and Make You A Celebrity In Your Market!”

From the Desk of Television Advertising Expert Brian Baumann
Baumann Broadcast Marketing LLC.

Dear Business Owner: Imagine how you’ll feel the first time you have a new customer come to your business telling you they saw your commercial on television.  Then, imagine how you’ll feel when you hit the highest monthly sales in the history of your business! Follow the steps in the Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners and you’ll be well on your way.

First, let me first share with you how this TV advertising home study course came into existence. Several years ago I met David Frey. . .

David is one of the most innovative marketers in the country and President of Marketing Best Practices Inc. David was impressed with the results that I was achieving with my small business TV advertising clients. David eventually asked me to create an information product that revealed how I was achieving my remarkable success rates with television advertising. That was the how the Do-It-Yourself, Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners was born. David believed in my product so heavily that he agreed to introduce it to the marketplace it on my behalf.

Here’s what David has to say. . .

Dear Business Associate: If you’re in business for long-term success, I have a wake-up call you simply can’t ignore. What I’m about to tell you isn’t even on the radar of most small businesses that depend on their local trade areas for survival. . .

“If you aren’t using TV advertising to trounce your competition, get a lock on your clients and customers, and generate a steady stream of new cash-in-hand buyers. . .

You could be setting the stage to become another small business failure, and not even realize it.”

It’s not my usual style to hit small business owners with in-your-face scare tactics, but today’s market is more than competitive, as you know. It’s brutal. I know because I field calls every week from small business owners. Some are hanging by on by sheer force of will. Others are baffled because their businesses simply won’t kick into high gear. For all their efforts, they haven’t been able to crack the code to get their businesses on track for predictable, even explosive, growth. Does this describe you…

  • Are you limited by a small marketing budget?
  • Are you frustrated because the many low-cost, grassroots marketing techniques you’ve tried are not worth the effort or time?
  • Are you tired of spending good money on advertising that produces pitiful results?
  • Are you disappointed that your business hasn’t taken off the way you imagined it would?
  • Are you fearful that your business could easily become a casualty with the slightest downturn in the economy?

Or …

  • Are you exhausted from just trying to hold your own in your market?
  • Do you struggle to get your share of the business that’s available?
  • Is your cash flow hog-tied by seasonal ups and downs?
  • Are your plans to expand stifled for lack of enough business?

Does any of this sound remotely familiar? If your small business could use a shot of adrenalin to improve traffic and sales, I want to introduce you to someone you need to know – Brian Baumann. He’s THE Go-To Guy for small business owners who want to use local TV advertising for short- and long-term growth.

Brian Baumann helps professionals and small business owners achieve explosive growth – on a small budget.

His 25 years of local TV advertising experience is distilled in. . .

The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System For Small Business Owners

Click HERE to Buy the Course Now! Brian has a stable of clients who’ve seen almost unbelievable results (you’ll read some of the case studies in a minute). After 25 years in the business, he has documented the exact 6-phase system he uses with his own clients. That means you can “turn on the tap” to get an endless flow of new customers month in and month out using TV advertising. How would you like this to happen to your practice or business…

  • See old customers who drifted away come back and become loyal fans.
  • Welcome new clients and customers who may drive miles and miles – past your major competitors – to spend money at your business.
  • Overwhelm the competition. The competitors who barely knew you existed won’t know what hit them when you step up as the leader.
  • Become a local celebrity, recognized on sight by thousands of people in your area. This can lead to appearances at civic events, social gatherings, games and so forth. (The kind of exposure money can’t buy.)
  • Secure more floor space to accommodate your expanding business. (One of Brian’s clients grabs the spaces abandoned by failing businesses in his building!)
  • Scoop the lowest prices for airtime – or even get free ads – while other businesses mindlessly lose precious ad dollars out of ignorance.
  • Maximize your ad dollars.

“If you’ve ever spent money on advertising that didn’t even pay for itself, get ready to celebrate. Your television advertising will pay for itself, and a whole lot more, when you follow Brian’s program. It’s a ROI-generator.”

If you think about it, isn’t that the whole point of advertising? What could the power of television advertising do for your bottom line? You could literally turbo charge your business IF you follow Brian’s guidance to leverage television advertising for your business. I’m thrilled to be the one to introduce you to this amazing course from a TV advertising industry insider. You know me as the author of The Small Business Marketing Bible and Instant Referral Systems, or as the originator of Consultants Marketing Boot camp. My life’s work, defined by my corporation’s name – Marketing Best Practices, Inc. – is to create or find the absolute best marketing strategies for independent professionals and small businesses. Rarely have I seen something that could so quickly and completely transform a practice or small business. And in all my years of research – looking for this type of direction – I’ve never seen any course about TV advertising for small business. So let’s get down to the nitty gritty. . . First, I’ll debunk the notion that television advertising isn’t for “little guys.” Then I’ll tell you why Brian is probably the one – the only – person in the U.S. today with the expertise (and willingness) to share exactly what you need to know to run your own successful TV advertising campaign.

“If you’ve been brainwashed to believe myths and outright lies about TV advertising. . .

…then you could be leaving a ton of money on the table.”

If you’re like many small business owners, you have deeply ingrained “reasons” why television advertising won’t work for you. You and your fellow small business owners may even keep reinforcing these myths and lies to each other.

Common Television Advertising Myths

Myth #1: “TV advertising is too expensive for a small practice or business like mine.” Myth #2: “Production of television commercials can run thousands of dollars. It’s out of the question for my business.” Myth #3: “TV spots are good for brands, but useless for generating traffic and sales. My marketing dollars have to produce cash flow, not just awareness.” Myth #4: “There’s no way to measure ROI (return on investment) for television advertising.”

“Not one of these Myths are true! And if you continue to buy into that ‘party line,’ you may be shutting the door on explosive growth over the next 5 to 10 years.”

Click HERE to Buy the Course Now! Brian has 25 years of successful experience in the TV advertising field, and has helped over 1,000 small business owners discover. . .

  • Television advertising is very affordable. (You can probably redirect your current ad budget to TV and reach far more paying customers for less. A little research will prove it to you.)
  • Production costs for a 30 second spot are often as little as $500 (or free).
  • Television advertising is ideal for generating a steady stream of new customers.
  • Figuring ROI is easy – once you understand the formula.

Advertising on television is not only possible for a small business like yours, it can multiply your sales like no other media – and give you an unfair advantage in your local market. Unfortunately, the small business culture has such a blind spot about TV advertising that it may have never been on your list of possibilities. Or, maybe you were sold a bill of goods and waltzed into television advertising – or more likely cable advertising – without the benefit of an insider’s knowledge. If so, you probably lost money and said, “Never again.” Like Toto in the Wizard of Oz, Brian pulls back the curtain to demystify the magic. In fact, he says point-blank, “If you’ve ever bought ads in a newspaper or spots on the radio, you can learn to buy television time at affordable rates. It just isn’t that hard.” He shows you how simple it really is to create a larger-than-life image for you and your business while connecting with more customers who want what you sell. It’s all laid out for you step-by-step in…

The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners

TV Advertising System

Click HERE to Buy the Course Now!

This is a one-of-a-kind course. There is simply nothing like it on the market! When I saw Brian’s system, I couldn’t wait to introduce it to you and other small business owners. As I said before, I’ve looked for this kind of instruction and there simply isn’t any other authoritative input available – and certainly nothing to help you do it yourself. This is the first course of its kind that I’ve ever seen. Sure, there’s plenty of information about television advertising out there if you’re a big company with a big budget and a fancy (expensive) ad agency handling all the production details and media buys. But this is the definitive, step-by-step system for small business owners who want to pull more customers from their trade areas at an affordable price. It’s been proven successful over and over again. I imagine once word gets out about Brian’s course, there will be some hair-pulling going on at the local TV network affiliate stations that benefit by keeping certain little-known facts from advertisers. But having the inside story will really give you the edge you need to get the most for your money. Brian’s crash course gives you the strategies, techniques and even the jargon so you can look, sound and BE a pro. You’ll gain the respect of the television account rep as well as the production crew. In a matter of weeks, you can boost your sales and image when everything you do to promote your business leverages these four little words. . .

“As Seen on TV”

As Seen On TV

“This is the magical statement that literally hypnotizes customers to give you instant credibility. . . and at least doubles the value of all your printed materials.”

Click HERE to Buy the Course Now!

There’s just nothing quite as convincing as having an in-store flyer or banner announcing “As Seen on TV.” The phrase has never gotten tired. . . has never lost its magnetic appeal. You see, although magazines and newspapers are losing readership, TV is still strong – and growing stronger. Here are some common television advertising facts to prove it.

Common Television Advertising Facts

  • Despite dire predictions that TV is losing its hold on audiences, the U.S. Census Bureau predicts an INCREASE in television watching in the next few years – 65 days in front of the TV, up from 61 days in 2000.
  • Businesses seen on TV are presumed to be successful. People like to do business with successful people.
  • TV lets you demonstrate the benefits of your products or services in a way that is impossible on radio or in newspapers.
  • When your face or your business is on TV, your credibility goes up because you’re seen alongside celebrities, major newscasters and top national brands.
  • TV engages consumers emotionally. Emotion says, “I want it.” (Logic justifies the want with really good “reasons” to buy.)
  • Research tells us 55% of all communication is visual.
  • 80% of adults believe television is the most influential advertising medium, according to an industry survey.
  • TV is a primary source of information for new residents in any area. They have no established customer loyalty and are looking for the best places to shop.
  • 85% of small businesses are out of business in 5 years or less, and only 4% that make it that far generate a sizable profit. TV advertising can turn that around, as Brian’s clients can testify.

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However, launching a television ad campaign without specialized knowledge won’t get you very far, because as Brian’s clients have learned…

“There’s a secret to generating an endless parade of customers to your business.

Let me tell you about several small business owners who know how to use this secret to explode their cash flow and profits.”

Here are a couple of quick examples Brian told me about of how television advertising made small (even tiny) businesses into market leaders in their local areas.

  • A modest party shop – selling paper goods, balloons and other party items – used TV advertising to build a strong business that has grown dramatically to three large “party warehouse” type stores throughout the local market area.
  • A funeral service company competed with traditional funeral homes by offering “at your church or chapel” services for about half the cost charged by funeral homes with expensive facilities. Thanks to television advertising, the firm grew to become a chain of eight  funeral homes.

Here are more detailed case studies directly from Brian’s client files…

Case Study #1

Window and Door Business Quadruples Sales

Window and Door Business

The Problem

Client purchased a 50-year-old window and door business and needed to reposition it for growth.

The Solution

Focusing on the thoughts and emotions that go through customers’ minds when they ultimately make the purchase, a commercial was written to address the wants of the target audience. Airtime was purchased on shows that were perfectly targeted to match the ideal customer.

The Results

Simple television commercials were created which focused on the unique benefit that separated them from all competitors. The client quadrupled sales, expanded the store and is planning another expansion. The company has grown to become the largest dealer of a leading brand of windows and doors in the nation.

Case Study #2

Niche Furniture Store Expands Twice

Niche Furniture Store

The Problem

Client is a niche furniture store selling bedroom furniture and bedding. The store is in a small community located about 30 minutes north of a major city. They had done a good job of marketing to the immediate area but needed to reach outlying areas in order to grow the business.

The Solution

The client was reluctant to consider TV advertising, fearing it was too costly. They were surprised to find that with a reasonable amount of money, they could choose specific television shows to reach their target customers.

Even though they are some distance from the city, people in the entire area see their TV spots and can easily drive to the store. The low-cost production uses high quality digital photographs of furniture with professional voice over.

The Results

This client has seen sales steadily increase year after year over the past 12 years. Plus, the store has expanded twice.

Case Study #3

Sporting Goods Store Doubles Sales Volume

Sporting Goods Store

The Problem

A sporting goods store moved to a new location in the suburbs, but the established clientele did not automatically follow. The client needed new customers.

The Solution

A new slogan (included in the store’s signage) was developed to emphasize the store’s competitive advantage.  A series of commercials were shot on site which focused on the three main areas of the client’s business.

Airtime was purchased on a show that recapped all of the high school sports for the week, including interviews with student athletes.

Additional spots were bought during late night programs and on weekends. The budget for the first two years of television advertising was only $2,000 per month.

The Results

The business has more than doubled since first consulting with Brian. The ad budget has increased over time to further expand the store’s exposure.   UPDATE:  Client opened a second location March 2012!

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“Read about the Real Results that Small Business Owners Have Achieved Using the Television Advertising System In their Own Businesses.”


These results are compelling. But even more important, they are representative of the successes of hundreds of small businesses that Brian has worked with – both at the TV stations where he was employed and with his independent clients for over 20 years.

“Went from $2.5 Million to $10 Million in Sales!”


“We had just purchased a 50 year old window and door business and needed to boost revenue.

Brian Baumann recommended we use television advertising on the major stations to attract new customers. After we spoke with some of his clients, we moved forward.

Brian immersed himself in our business. He wanted to know what thoughts and emotions went through customer’s minds when they ultimately made the purchase.

He put together a commercial that really spoke to the wants of our target customers. He purchased airtime to run the commercial in shows that were perfectly targeted for what we were trying to accomplish.

We used a simple television commercial which ran for quite a while–bringing in business daily. We have produced other commercials since, capitalizing on what we have learned.

There have even been times where we stopped the ads for a while because we could not handle any more business.

We went from $2,500,000 in sales when we started with Brian 9 years ago to over $10,000,000 today and have expanded our store, and need to expand again. We’ve also grown to be the largest Marvin window dealer in our region.”

David L. Wilhelm President Lisbon Storm, Screen & Door Inc. Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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“The Calls Keep Coming In Every Day!”

James Surso

“Your marketing system is very effective in getting new patients in the door.

We get a consistent flow of new patients calling us about our ambulatory phlebectomy procedure. Even after using your system for almost two years, one would think that the results would slow down, but the calls keep coming in every day!

I’ve learned that any practice can go after new patients directly without having to rely on other Doctors for referrals.”

James D. Surso, M.D. Alabama Vein Center Madison, Alabama

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“Our Business Has More than Doubled!”

Sporting Goods

2012 UPDATE:

Burghardt Sporting Goods opens a second location in March 2012!    According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel newspaper, “We’ve outgrown our current store”.  A second store has been considered over the past five years as sales have increased rapidly,” said fifth generation Lynn Burghardt Kaul.

“Brian Baumann approached us about 10 years ago at a weak moment. We had been doing our own advertising for years, and when we got busy it was put off and often forgotten.

Brian showed up at the right time and we took a chance with our small budget. We did some radio, and TV sometimes at 3:00am, but no print.

He forced us to plan and execute and be a consistent presence in the market place. Brian is very professional and has put us in good spots while staying within our budget.

We are now spending much more on television advertising because our business has more than doubled since we started with him.”

Chip Burghardt Owner Burghardt Sporting Goods – Since 1881 Brookfield, Wisconsin

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“As Soon As We Started Running Your Commercials, Customers Came In.”


“With Brian’s help we made three TV commercials, one for each major area of our business.

As soon as we started running them, customers came in.  We even had the news anchor from our NBC station come in and buy a hot tub. She said she saw the commercials over a long period of time that she just naturally came in to buy.”

Joe Spychala Co-Owner Baker Pool & Fitness Franklin, Wisconsin

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“We Experienced 10 to 30 Percent Monthly Sales Increases”


“When we first purchased our business, we used the typical advertising methods with typical results. We had thought about television advertising but dismissed it due to the cost. Then, we found Brian Baumann.

Brian showed us how to use television affordably with our existing advertising budget. As a result of his television advertising strategies, we experienced 10 to 30 percent monthly sales Increases!

We continue to use television to this day. We feature our design services as well as our furniture in the ads. All of the “actors” in the ads are myself and our designers. Customers tell us all the time they see us in our television commercials!”

Joanne Ginster Owner Betty Johnson Interiors Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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“Brian’s Television Advertising Strategies Have Helped Our Sales Increase Dramatically!”


“T.V. puts a brand or stamp of legitimacy on your business that no other form of advertising can match.

I had always thought that TV advertising was too expensive until Brian showed me how affordable it really was.

He shows you how to create television commercials that not only bring in customers, but how to do them at ridiculously low costs.

His advice is based on being in the business for years. He explains everything in a very straightforward manner.

Most importantly, his television advertising strategies have helped our sales increase dramatically! I would recommend him to any business that wants to bring in new customers”.

William Knackert Owner Bedtime Bedroom Superstore West Bend, Wisconsin

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“From Zero Bookings to 25 Bookings”


“Two days ago we had a lady come into the store, said she had seen the television commercial, then placed a large order.

Last year at this time we had bookings of squat. Now we have 25 bookings and they’re not small either.

I can’t say enough about Brian’s TV promotion and how he helped our business when we needed it most.”

Dave Burbach Owner Burbach’s Market Milwaukee, Wisconsin

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“Brian Is a Valuable Resource For My Business”


“Brian has helped us for over 25 years. He KNOWS TV advertising and how to reach customers. Following Brian’s suggestions have helped me maintain my advertising budget and still reach my current customers along with attracting new ones.

Brian is intelligent, sincere and very comfortable to work with. He listens to your thoughts and ideas; then gives his recommendations to help you. Brian is a valuable resource for my business and any small business!”

Tomas E. Anheuser Owner Bazaar Home Decorating Center Brookfield, Wisconsin

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“Can Your Business Really Use Broadcast Television to Propel It to Super Success?

In case you have the misconception that TV advertising works for only a limited number of small businesses, here’s a partial list of retailers and service companies that use television advertising successfully:

Jewelry Stores Personal Injury Attorneys
Air conditioning & heating services Funeral homes
Chiropractors Furniture stores
Appliance sales & service Automotive Repair
Window Blinds & Fashions Home health care service
Bankruptcy Attorneys House leveling & foundation repair
Auto parts Gold Buying Businesses
Boat dealers Landscaping & fencing
Bridal and formal wear Lasik vision surgery
Building Supply & lumber Medical clinics
Carpet and flooring Plumbing contractors & service
Podiatrists Restaurants
Churches Shoe stores
Credit Counselors Specialty food shops
Day spas Sporting Goods
Dentists and orthodontists Swimming pools & spas
Doors and windows Tax preparation
Fabric and craft stores Tires
Farm and dairy supply Glass Repair Services

Are you surprised at the variety? And this is just a short list – there are many more – but it should let you know that a wide variety of small businesses are tapping into local TV advertising to grow and increase profits. And you can, too.

“In private conversations, Brian revealed to me several little known quirks in the television advertising business.

Could these be the 5 reasons you aren’t using TV?”

  1. The sad truth is that television advertising sales reps don’t often have to hit the streets to drum up business. They become order takers. Since most small business owners never see – much less speak to – a TV rep, they have almost no knowledge about the actual costs.
  2. With nothing but their assumptions, business owners think television ads are expensive, but they aren’t, compared to other media.
  3. Radio is not as much in demand as TV. There are many more radio stations than TV stations in almost every market. Their reps often have to do back flips to get enough ads on the air to meet their quotas.
  4. It’s easy to assume that radio, newspaper, ad packs, shopping circulars, and other allegedly “low-cost” media are ideal choices because their sales representatives are banging on the door or calling on the phone.Standing in front of a business owner, their arguments sound great. But the question should be, how many real sales and customers will you get from the so-called “exposure” – and at what price? And what’s the return on investment?
  5. Since the television advertising sales reps don’t even bother to call, it reinforces the notion that TV advertising isn’t the best choice for a small business.

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“Don’t be fooled…not only should you be using television, a significant part of your marketing budget should be dedicated to this medium!

Here’s 5 unbeatable reasons you should be marketing your business using television advertising!”

  1. Small business owners must wake up to the fact that, first, television advertising is affordable. Spots on network affiliates are as low as $50 a pop.
  2. TV commercials may be the only advertising powerful enough to keep retailers and service companies in business during the critical first five years when most businesses die.
  3. Television advertising lets you dominate your market. With Brian’s guidelines, you’ll squeeze the most from your ad dollars because your ad will reach the viewers most likely to use your products or services.
  4. Production costs are reasonable. Get your TV commercial produced for as little as $500 – or even FREE – with Brian’s cost-cutting techniques (with no sacrifice in quality). Standing in front of a business owner, their arguments sound great. But the question should be, how many real sales and customers will you get from the so-called “exposure” – and at what price? And what’s the return on investment?
  5. Television advertising has clearly proven its ability to grow businesses for the long term. That means family-owned and operated firms can be predictably stronger and healthier when the next generation takes over.It also means you can have a profitable business to sell at a time of your choosing. This is a much healthier scenario than closing the doors for lack of business, perhaps burdened with a pile of debt.

“Here’s why Brian Baumann is the ONE, the ONLY TV advertising professional in the U.S. uniquely qualified to help small business owners like you.”

  1. You could say Brian has advertising imprinted on his DNA. His grand dad owned an advertising firm before the advent of television and his dad was producing TV ads when commercials were live. (As a child, Brian even appeared in TV commercials for his dad’s clients.)
  2. He has 25 years of experience. He earned his stripes as a media professional at both a FOX network affiliate and an independent television station.
  3. In 1992, Brian launched out on his own. Unlike most media buyers, ad agency account reps or television sales reps, Brian has experience on both sides of the desk. He has been a seller of media and a buyer of media.
  4. He has quietly produced one success story after another for clients using his proven 6-phase system. He maintains long-term relationships quite unlike the hit-and-run “experts” who are gone as soon as the check clears.
  5. Brian is not one of the over-hyped “wannabe” gurus who simply parrot information they’ve cobbled together into an information product. He’s the real deal with street credibility among clients and TV station execs. He’s in the trenches every day, not afraid to roll up his sleeves and get the job done.
  6. His course is the same methodical process he uses when consulting with clients. This isn’t “fantasy camp.” This is essentially Brian’s operations manual. It eliminates the guesswork and puts his proven TV ad tools in your hands.

Click HERE to Buy the Course Now! After spending hours upon hours deep in conversation with Brian, I can clearly see that he hasn’t held back anything. He has literally opened his files, tapped his quarter century of experience and offers what he knows in a way you can use it. He has also pulled some knowledge out his back pocket that some professionals would label “Top Classified” … important stuff that he thinks you should be familiar with, including the techniques even some industry pros don’t know – or won’t share. Why would he do that? I asked Brian and he said. . . “David, I have no reason to hold anything back. I’m still a consultant, but I have limited bandwidth to provide personal consultation. “Creating this easy-to-follow system is the only way I have to get my knowledge and experience to the small business owners who need it, at a small fraction of the cost of hiring me. “Small businesses are already at a disadvantage because they don’t have ready access to this information. I want them to succeed – and they need the tools and training in this course to be successful” By now, I assume you can see that you may have a blind spot and are willing to look at TV advertising with a fresh perspective. Imagine what it could mean to your business if you used what you can learn from Brian. The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners clearly lays out the roadmap – the six distinct phases of a successful TV advertising campaign.

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Here’s what you’ll learn. . .

The Eight Audio CDs track with the printed part of the course. Here’s the proven real-world know-how Brian shares with you so you can move forward with confidence…

The Fast Start Guide to Creating Winning Television Commercials

Fast Start Guide

This audio program gives you a general overview of the Do-It-Yourself, Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners. It summarizes the six phases of creating a winning television commercial and gets you started on the right path to creating your own commercial.

It also includes…

  • The 8 steps to creating your unique value statement that will separate your business from the competition.
  • How to access secret consumer data from television stations that is a critical element in helping you create a winning commercial…for free!
  • How to scientifically choose the right TV shows and air times that have the most potential for selling your product or service.
  • How to write your own TV commercial script that will capture your viewers attention, get them to listen to you, and then motivate them to do business with you.


How to Determine Your Unique Selling Proposition for Television

Phase I

  • How to grab the viewer in the first three to four seconds so he or she will hang on tight for the whole ride. (Ignore this “hook” at the risk of your ads fizzling. See page 3.)
  • Push this “button” and customers will shift into buying gear. (It’s not hard to find the “button” when you know how. What to do is on page 4.)
  • The single best “third party” source for accurate and honest information about what your store actually offers to customers. (Hint: it’s not your employees. Check page 5.)
  • The second best “third party” feedback source about your business, products and service. (Take note of this advice, especially if there are any surprises revealed. Page 6.)
  • The vital “core” element that’ll have qualified customers flocking to your business. (This is a like a “homing device” for your target market. Look on pages 5-6.)
  • The critical step Brian insists clients nail down before a script is written or airtime is purchased. (Brian won’t let his clients move forward without this. Neither should you. Page 6.)
  • How to flip the switch so customers can’t wait to buy from you. (Why so few small business owners do this is a mystery. Page 7.)
  • The two powerful components that will magnetize your ad. (100% of the ads Brian creates include both of these. See page 7 to learn how you can, too.)

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How to Access Marketplace Data

Phase 2

  • The two “Q’s” that unlock the mystery of your target audience. (Each puts you closer to your ideal customers. Pages 9-10.)
  • How to get your hands on important do-or-die information you need, without spending one red cent, before creating your ads. (This is almost like getting inside the heads of your best customers. Page 12.)
  • The Nielson Ratings are an absolute goldmine of information IF you know what to look for. (Check out pages 13-15 for this critical information to avoid disastrous and expensive mistakes.)
  • The sneaky little way – that’s both ethical and completely legal – to find out what your competitors are spending without tipping your hand about your plans. (You don’t have to outspend them to outsmart them. It’s all on pages 17-18.)
  • The precise questions to ask your sales rep so you can cherry pick the exact market information you need from the TV station’s jealously guarded databases. (Usually this information is kept totally confidential, but Brian tells you his technique to get it, no questions asked. Pages 15-16.)
  • Brian’s secret formula to cut through the fog that reps use to cloud the issue, so you can determine the absolute best airtime value in your market. (Knowledge is definitely power. Don’t throw a single advertising dollar down a bottomless black hole. Bone up on page 16.)
  • The toe-in-the-water technique that reduces your risk and anxiety. (Brian gives you “water wings” to keep you safe when you jump in for the first time. Page 18.)
  • What you absolutely, positively must do when new customers walk in the door in response to your TV commercial. (Get everyone on board with this. It’s make-or-break time. Page 19.)
  • The one stupid thing 90% of novice advertisers do that’s guaranteed to tank revenue growth. (Don’t even think of running a TV commercial before you find out what this rookie mistake can cost you. See page 19 and make a rule to stick with Brian’s advice.)
  • The 20 principles that apply, no matter what business you’re in. Use this as your checklist to create a powerful cash generator for your business. (Pages 21-27.)

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The Principles of an Effective Television Ad Script

Phase 3

  • The one key principle you must understand if you ever hope to turn TV ads into the money machine they are designed to be. (Even big-priced ad agencies often miss this foundational principle.)
  • The one thing you can do that commands the attention of viewers so they wouldn’t think of flipping channels or getting another snack during your spot. (You don’t need all the expensive tricks big companies use to keep consumers glued to the screen.)
  • The element that “seals the deal” so new customers will say “yes.” (If you don’t include this in your ad, you’re squandering the pulling power of your ad.)
  • Harness this one-two punch to multiply the number of customers who respond to your TV spot. (This is the basis of all irresistible ads.)
  • The little 3-second “after thought” that gets the phones ringing. (Ka-CHING. This pulls in customers who might never call you otherwise.)
  • Before a word is written, be clear about this script-writing commandment. (Ignore this and you’ll kiss your would-be customers – and your ad dollars – goodbye.)
  • The one thing people want to see in your ad. . . and don’t even know it. (Countless small business owners totally miss this because it’s one of those “hidden in plain sight” super-strategies.)
  • The surprising factor few small business owners understand that makes production costs irrelevant to your company. (No kidding. This all-important ingredient costs you absolutely nothing, and will pay you over and over.)
  • The little-known secret about the subconscious mind that results in more and more sales almost automatically… (Pay attention to this because it’s key for creating “must buy” desire in the customers. They almost respond like robots when you use this principle.)
  • Brian’s goof-proof strategy for highly profitable TV advertising. (This is as close to a “silver bullet” as you can get to turn television advertising into your private ATM.)
  • Answer this question for the customers, and watch your sales soar. (It doesn’t matter what you sell. This works for every business.)
  • The proven “formula” to make your ad super-successful. (Follow Brian’s advice on this and let the ad practically write itself.)
  • The simple truth about choosing people to star in your TV ads … the ones customers will respond to. (Your results depend on following this advice. Brian is very specific.)
  • The one document that must be completed and kept on file or you could face serious legal consequences. (Relax. You can bullet-proof yourself at no cost and just a few minutes of your time.)
  • How to create a kick-butt ad that works even if some dude has wandered off to the kitchen for another bowl of chips? (Shame on you if you don’t do exactly what Brian tells you to do. You have no idea what it’ll cost ya to blow this off.)
  • The most important thing that gets customers piling through the door of your business. (If you forget this, you’re literally throwing money away.)
  • The pro’s “blueprint” that gives your spots a polished look and eyeball-grabbing appeal. (Bonus points for this one – it’ll keep your commercials in budget, too.)
  • How many words? (Rely on this industry guideline.)
  • Avoid a legal showdown with your state. Get this information first to stay squeaky-clean with your state officials. (Brian tells you exactly who to contact and what to do to side-step nasty confrontations.)
  • The error made by new TV advertisers that can cost you money or wreck the effectiveness of your ad. (You can avoid this “beginner’s blooper” with Brian’s insider advice.)
  • The five essential elements to include in your script. (This neat and tidy package is covered on pages 27-31.)
  • How to use “behind the mind” psychology to corner your market. (The crash course on these powerful selling techniques is on pages 31-40. Brian’s interest and training in psychology can really help you here.)
  • The 4-step process that practically walks the customer to the cash register. (Once you’ve set this up in your TV commercial, add one more step to close the loop and get viewers to your place of business. This is all explained in plain English on pages 40-42.)
  • Learn the jargon. Talk like a pro. (The industry terms used by professionals will get the results you want from your video crew. Page 43.)

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How to Produce Your Commercial

Phase 3

This section gives you the nuts and bolts combined with Brian’s super-saver ideas that won’t compromise the quality of your spot.

  • 10 specific items you must plan before your pre-production meeting. (Keep costs under control and win the respect of the producer/director. Brian’s from-the-field advice is on pages 47-52.)
  • Don’t even think about meeting with the producer without this rule-of-thumb production budget breakdown. (You may be a newcomer to TV advertising, but you don’t have to look like one. Pages 47-48.)
  • The invaluable piece of information that can save the day – and your sanity – during a film shoot. (Make a note to get this from your producer/director at the pre-production meeting. Page 48.)
  • What your producer/director absolutely must know before creating your ad. (The results of your spot hang on this. Page 48.)
  • The simple secret that almost always means you’ll pay less than you expect for the voiceover talent. (Follow Brian’s advice and conserve your cash. Page 48.)
  • The dirt-cheap method to keep control of what could be a budget-breaking expense. (This is a tactic Brian consistently uses to save clients money. See page 49.)
  • Brainstorming ways to nail down the most important part of your television commercial. (This one scene can determine how successful your ad is in reaching your potential customers. Page 49.)
  • Laying out the “map” with your producer/director. (Coordination with your producer/director at this point is critical. Check page 50 before going to the meeting.)
  • The final touches you need for a polished, professional spot. (Get Brian’s final word on this to save a bundle. Page 50.)
  • Your “dummy’s guide” to prep for shooting on location or in the studio. (Of course the pros will do the work, but you don’t have to look like a dork. Your basic training is on pages 50-52.)
  • Your master checklist to assure a smooth shoot. (This includes two things you must do the day before. Be smart and consult page 52 in advance.)
  • The simple technique that let’s you look like a seasoned pro on camera. (Hint: Even non-professionals can get this right with a few minutes of practice. Easy guidelines are on page 52.)
  • The savvy shortcut that will save you time and money in the editing process. (This is another “think one step ahead” idea Brian uses routinely that also gives extra finesse to your spot at little or no extra cost. See pages 52-53.)
  • The one thing you must do before wrapping up the shoot. (Only a novice would skip this important step on page 53.)
  • The last double-check that can save you a lot of headaches later. (Take just two minutes to handle this. Page 53.)
  • Brian’s smart “add-on” technique to save time, money and effort later. (Another “plan ahead” technique will pay off down the road. Page 53-54.)
  • What to look for during post-production in the editing suite. (You’re key in the process. Know what to expect. Pages 54-56.)
  • The last minute prep before the spot airs to squeeze every dollar out of your advertising. (This is essential. Don’t skip the common sense instruction on pages 55-56.)
  • Would you like to pay ZERO dollars to get your commercial produced? Skip ahead to page 70.
  • One last word on production: Follow Brian’s advice and you can produce a spot for as little as $500, depending on your market.

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Click On the Images Below to See Proof that You Really Can Buy Prime Time Television Airtime On Major Broadcast Stations for $50 Or Even Less…When You Know the Secret!

This CD alone is worth the entire price of the course! It’ll pay for itself the very first time you use it. . . and 10, 50, even 100 times over.

Why pay $400 to $1500 per airing of one :30 second commercial when you could pay just $50 !!!

(Note: These amazing rates are achieved through the R.O.S. negoiation strategy, not fixed rate card rates. Rates vary by market size and local market demand.)



Example #1 – Click Image to Enlarge

Example #2 – Click Image to Enlarge

Example #3 – Click Image to Enlarge

Example #4 – Click Image to Enlarge

Brian reveals the secret in his course . . .

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The Secrets of Buying Television Time

Phase 5

This is probably the most important CD in the course since it unlocks the secrets of getting the highest results for the lowest cost.

It contains information only a real industry insider knows that can slice dollars off your ad costs every time you air an ad.

Think about it. Do you think you’d ever get this candid advice from people who make money only when you spend money? People like the sales reps at the TV station or media buyers?

Brian is on your side of the desk now. And this CD is a “tell-all” that will get you started – and keep you – on the right track.

The meaty CD is matched in the manual on pages 59-75. It has his Seven Secrets in print for easy reference.

  • Secret #1: The ONLY time periods you should buy as a beginning TV advertiser. (Let the other advertisers waste their money. Brian has proven this over and over again in many markets. It’s must-have TV-intelligence for new advertisers.)
  • Secret #2: Frequency? Reach? Which is best for your business? (The correct strategy can save you a ton of money while ramping up sales.)
  • Secret #3: How soon after your ad airs can you expect results? (Find out who you’ll see and when as a result of your TV spots.)
  • Secret #4: Brian’s grade-school math formula to find out how many customers you’ll need to pay for the ad. (It’s easier than you think.)
  • Secret #5: The secret source at the TV station who’s virtually ignored but has the power to help you have a roaring success without spending one extra dime. (Brian shares how he cultivates a good relationship that pays off time after time.)
  • Secret #6: Four ways to get FREE airtime with no argument from the sales rep. (The TV station will hand over airtime without hesitation IF you know the rules.)
  • Secret #7: How to find out the lowest ad costs on any station. (If this wasn’t so simple – and legal – you might think it’s downright sneaky. Add to this “three magic words” and you’ll get to the lowest price instantly.)

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Monitor and Work with Your Results

Phase 5

Here’s where it all comes together to put you on track for long-term, expansive growth.

  • How much new traffic? How fast? (Brian’s professional method to gauge the success of your campaign. Page 76.)
  • Watching your ad with the eye of a seasoned professional. (It’s not enough to just be excited to see your spot. Brian tells you exactly what to look for that can affect your results. Page 77.)
  • The greatest temptation you will face in the first few days and weeks after starting an ad campaign. (Heed Brian’s sage advice on page 77.)
  • The 5 reasons your ad may not run in the time slots you chose. . . and what to do about it. (Brian tells you on page 78 exactly what to do – and what not to do – when this happens.)
  • The smartest 15 minutes you’ll spend every month to squeeze the maximum value out of your media buy. (An alarming number of advertisers ignore this small task and pay for it with hard cold cash. Page 78-79.)
  • The zero-cost technique to leverage your TV ad dollars. (This is so simple but often forgotten. Don’t make this beginner’s error. Page 79.)
  • The easiest way to maximize the lifetime value of your new customers and improve the ROI of your TV advertising. (Talk about obvious. It’s hard to believe that many small business owners don’t do this. Brian makes a special point about the savvy technique on page 79.)
  • The only time to you should ever consider changing your commercial. (Check out Brian’s professional advice based on 25 years of experience – page 80.)

FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS about the Television Advertising System

1. Can I really buy 30 second TV airtime slots to air my ad in my local market area for $50?
Yes, absolutely. Heck, you can buy spots for less than $35! But what you pay for your airtime depends a lot on the size of the market that you are in. You can certainly get better deals if you are in a mid market or smaller market, but there are ways to negotiate great rates in larger markets. The belief that television advertising is too expensive for small business owners is just not true. You CAN afford to advertise on television, even if you’re a small business and Brian has proved that over and over again over his 25 years of television advertising experience. Do NOT let the myth that TV advertising is too expensive stop you from reaching your dream of turning your small business into a big business…and becoming a home town celebrity.

2. What is the minimum amount of money I need to get started with TV advertising?
This is a good question and the answer is that it varies by market. But, on the average, you can start a television advertising campaign for between $1,500 – $2,000 a month. That is amazingly inexpensive. It’s a budget that most any business can afford. Some of the most successful local businesses that have grown through television advertising started their campaigns very small. (See the “Mattress Mac” case study video.)

3. Can I star in my own TV commercials?
If you have dreams of becoming the “most well-known business owner” in your local market then you might want to consider starring in your own television commercials. Take a moment and watch the “Mattress Mac” Case Study video and see how an unknown, near bankrupt furniture store owner went on to become the most respected, admired, and recognized man in the Houston, Texas (America’s 4th largest city.) You can literally become an overnight celebrity superstar in your home town by advertising your business on television. Starring in your own commercials with a repetitive advertising campaign will literally change your life forever. You will have a difficult time walking the streets in your city without being recognized by local residents. (There might even come a time when you’ll wish that you hadn’t reached fame and celebrity status!)

4. How much does it cost for Brian Baumann’s “do it for you offer”?
Brian does offer a coaching program. The introductory level of his program provides you with advice and coaching through the development process and the initial rollout of your advertising campaign. The more advanced level of Brian’s coaching program is a “do it for you,” full service offering. To obtain more information on Brian Baumann’s coaching program you’ll want to email his at He will then send you his “Television Advertising Coaching Program Information Kit.” In his information kit, Brian covers the different levels of his coaching program, exactly what you will receive, and the required investment. If you want your television commercials done by the best of the best, you might want to contact Brian and request his information kit.

5. Will television advertising work for my particular business?
TV advertising usually works very well for businesses that sell products and services to the mass consumer market. This might include products such as carpet, paint, home siding, furniture, air conditioners and heaters, sporting equipment, automobiles, RV’s, hot tubs, nutritional supplements or services such as landscaping, carpet cleaning, swimming pool construction, medical services etc. Generally speaking, successful television advertising usually works for any product or service that a consumer would purchase. On the other hand, products and services that are targeted toward the business can be VERY successful using TV advertising but need a specialized approach. If you have a retail business or a local business that targets consumers then you must use television advertising to see how it can work for your business. It could very well be the breakthrough marketing strategies that you’ve been looking for to take your business to the next level and beyond.

6. Can I get my money back if I don’t want the system?
Yes, of course. We stand behind the Television Advertising System. We have a prompt return and refund policy. All you need to do is return your product to our office and once we receive it we will immediately process your refund and notify you that we’ve taken action. You’ll need to ship the product back to the address below. If you have any questions, please submit a support ticket to: Baumann Broadcast Marketing LLC 2710 Preston Ct. Waukesha, WI 53188

7. Why is David Frey promoting Brian Baumann’s TV advertising product?
David Frey met Brian Baumann several years ago and was impressed with the results that Brian was achieving with his television advertising clients. David eventually asked Brian to create an information product that revealed how he was achieving his remarkable success rates with TV advertising. That was the how the Do-It-Yourself, Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners was born. David believed in this product so heavily that he agreed to market it on behalf of Brian Baumann. This is why you see David in all the video explanations on the sales page of this website.

8. Do you have samples of successful commercials in your product?
Of course! What type of TV advertising “how to” product would this be if it didn’t have sample commercials that Brian has personally produced. In the “Brian Baumann Live” DVD you’ll see Brian explaining the television development process by showing you examples of finished television commercials that he’s produced for his clients. In this DVD Brian explains the different elements of winning television commercials and then he points out each element while watching a real, fully developed, television commercial that is generating positive results in the real world.

9. Can I talk to Brian to get advice once I buy the TV advertising product?
Brian Baumann’s time is extremely constrained due to his already busy client workload. For a very limited time, Brian is offering a do-it-for-you television advertising service. Beyond that, Brian does offer a small group, hands off coaching service in which he will advise you on a limited basis through the development process and during your media buying efforts. To learn more about this service you can email Brian directly at: The first step to entering Brian’s coaching program is to purchase his Television Advertising system.

10. How can you guarantee that the Television Advertising System is going to work for me?
We cannot “guarantee” your business success. Sometimes, even the best television commercials can fail to provide the results that you might be expecting. However, we can tell you that over 95% of Brian’s client’s have experienced financial success in their local markets as a result of television advertising. The guarantee that we can give to you is that you will learn the process that will allow you to create your own winning television commercials and to launch a successful television campaign. If you are unhappy with the education that the Television Advertising System has provided for you, you may return the product for a full refund. No questions asked.

11. What do you actually get with the TV advertising system?
The Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners includes a fast start audio guide and six audio programs explaining the television commercial development and rollout campaign process. The system also includes an 86 page manual that you can follow as you listen to the audio program. You will also receive FIVE Special Bonuses that will enhance your understanding of the Television Advertising System. These include a 60 minute audio interview with television commercial production expert Bill Howe, a 60 minute “Brian Baumann Live” video DVD, a video tour on DVD of live TV production studio, a set of special forms to help manage the television commercial production process AND the TV Script Critique consulting certificate worth $250.00

12. How long does it take before I start seeing results?
From concept to commercial airing, the process usually takes approximately 10 business days. Of course, there are a myriad of circumstances that could slow down or speed up this process such as, agreeing on a concept and story board script, scheduling the production crew, and the availability of editing resources. Once your television commercial starts airing you should start seeing immediate results. Once you establish your local brand awareness with repetition you’ll be able to achieve even higher levels of sales success.

13. Can I just do this all on my own – - why do I need your system?
Yes, you can walk into the studio of your local television station and go through the TV advertising process. However, you’re guaranteed to miss out on a significant amount of potential revenues that you could have generated by learning the time tested television advertising secrets have been proven to work over years and years of experience, which you can only find in the Television Advertising System. This is especially true in the media buying process. When it comes to buying your airtime, television sales reps become your negotiation adversaries. In the end, the amount of air time that you get is based on your ability to skillfully negotiate with your sales rep. Brian Baumann has years and years of working with television ad sales reps and knows the secrets sales tactics and technique they use to force you into overpaying for your commercial time. As was mentioned on the sales page, the media buying tactics you will learn in the Television Advertising System will pay you back your investment in this system many, many times over – - even with your very first media buy.

14. What’s the difference between the TV advertising system and other marketing products?
The Do-It-Yourself, Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners is the ONLY product of its kind. There is no other information product that teaches you how to develop winning television commercials for your small business and how to negotiate media airtime for amazing low prices. Television is the ultimate marketing medium and this is the ONLY product that teaches you how to master this all important marketing medium. If you have ever dreamed of advertising your small business on television to thousands and perhaps millions of consumers in your local marketplace, you simply MUST purchase this product. The Television Advertising System will also give you the confidence to finally take the step to move forward with your dream of achieving massive success with television advertising. If you never even considered advertising on television before, after going through the Television Advertising System you will finally have the confidence and courage to step forward and take your business into a new level of success.

15. How long does it take to get the TV advertising system program shipped to me?
Once you order the Television Advertising System, it will be shipped via UPS the next day. You can expect it to arrive within 5 to 7 business days.


Brian Baumann’s course is a plain spoken, step-by-step system designed so you can confidently begin advertising on TV in your local market. It’s all lean and no fat.

Here’s what you get . . .

The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners

TV Advertising System

Your 8-CD Audio Library includes:

  • Quick-Start Guide
  • Phase 1 – Discovery: Determine Your USP
  • Phase 2 – Research: How to Access Marketplace Data
  • Phase 3, Part 1 – Write the Script: Effective Television Ad Script Writting
  • Phase 3, Part 2 – Write the Script:
  • Phase 4 – Production: How to Produce Your Commercial
  • Phase 5 – Television Airtime: The Secrets of Buying Television Advertising Time
  • Phase 6 – The Campaign: Monitor and Work with Your Results

Brian illustrates the points in his training with many revealing anecdotes from his years of experience, working both at television stations and as a producer/director and media buyer for clients. The audio format is designed specifically to let you listen while driving so you don’t have to squeeze time from your busy schedule to learn this valuable information. The 86-page Manual is the printed companion to the CDs so you have a ready reference to turn to as you plan and create your TV advertising and monitor your campaign.

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Plus, Brian includes five powerful bonuses with the course:

Special Bonus #1

Brian Baumann Live!

How to Produce Stunning TV Commercials on a Low-Cost Budget


DVD1 class=

This fact-filled session was filmed before an audience at one of my small business workshops. The enthusiastic feedback was not surprising. Most attendees were shocked they could even consider TV for their businesses.

Special Bonus #2

Video Tour of TV Production Company

Walkthrough of a live, working, TV production company


DVD1 class=

Jeff Watts of Watts Communications, Waukesha, Wisconsin, takes you on a tour of his full-service studio, just as he would if you were to visit his location prior to filming a TV spot for your business.

You’ll get acquainted (but not overwhelmed) with the equipment currently being used to produce TV commercials, TV programs and audio.

This gives you the introduction you need so you are already oriented when it’s time to meet your own studio technicians.

The only way Brian could get this was to catch Jeff after a session for a client’s TV spot. He asked Jeff to walk him through the studio and explain what goes on, just as if a new customer had dropped by for a tour.

Brian recorded this guerrilla video himself with his own hand-held video cam. This is not polished, but it is priceless. There are no pretty transitions from scene to scene. And no ethereal mood music.

It’s just a technical guy talking to you about what to expect when you go to your local studio. (Jeff is a strong professional, but it’s clear he’s more comfortable behind the camera.)

The purpose of this DVD is help you start getting comfortable with the behind-the-scenes production of TV ads.

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Special Bonus #2

TV Commercial Production Secrets

An Interview with the legendary, Bill Howe

Audio Cd class=

Bill Howe is one of the nation’s foremost experts when it comes to television commercial production. He has produced literally thousands of commercials over his amazing 46 years in the business.

Bill spent his last 26 years with a major network affiliated television station, producing winning television commercials for small businesses. It’s safe to say that Bill has forgot more about how to create effective TV commercials than most people in the business have ever known.

In this interview, Bill Howe reveals a massive amount of information on the “how to’s” of TV commercial production. This interview will prepare you for your first TV commercial and help you to understand what goes into creating a commercial that captures your unique business and what it offers viewers.

This is just a small amount of what you’ll discover in this fast paced, 60 minute interview with Bill Howe:

  • Who to contact when you initially are thinking about a commercial
  • What to say and do during your first visit with the TV station
  • The one major mistake most advertisers make in their first commercial
  • Where to meet when negotiating your commercial with the station
  • How many words per second you should use
  • The maximum amount of scene changes you should have
  • Whether you should use music in your commercial or not
  • If you should star in your own commercial and if so, what role to play
  • Ways to save money when hiring actors or voice talent
  • Whether you should use sex or humor in your commercial
  • What equipment to use on the set
  • How to manage your talent
  • How to create compelling on site scenes
  • What to watch out for when editing your commercial
  • What to wear during your commercial
  • How to read your script
  • How to prepare your set for max effectiveness
  • How to display your company logo
  • The best time to shoot your commercial
  • What professional TV production staff you’ll need on site
  • What special effects to use and when to use them
  • Where to put your address on the commercial
  • How to avoid bad surprises at the end of the production

Click HERE to Buy the Course Now!

Special Bonus #4

TV Commercial Production Forms

Working forms you’ll need to produce professional television commercials


Fortunately, there are only a few forms you really need to handle your TV ad campaign effectively and Brian includes them for you.

You get a master sheet (that you can reproduce endlessly) of:

  1. Ad Budget Planner
  2. Return on Investment (ROI) Formula Worksheet
  3. Commercial Production “Shot Sheet”
  4. Station Program Cost Analyzer Grid
  5. Talent Release Form
  6. TV Commercial Script Form

There’s a bonus on this bonus.Here’s some good news. I asked Brian to give you a copy of each form as it might be filled in. (Let’s take all the guesswork out.)


I also asked Brian for samples of scripts so you could see how other advertisers write their ads. He’s pulled a few from his files. I coerced him to include one that he would mark up so you can see exactly how a script is put together.

I’ve even convinced him to give you a copy of an actual script he used (now covered with his “chicken scratches”) during the production of a TV commercial. I don’t know about you, but if I’m going to learn, it’s easier for me to understand if I can actually see a real-life sample.

“Here’s the complete offer, at my low ‘gotta have it now’ price”

The total package was developed to sell for $2,000 and will increase to $2,000 shortly. But, I convinced Brian to let me offer it to my circle of small business owners at a pre-launch discount.

8 Audios + 2 DVDS + 86 page Manual + Essential Forms + Samples to follow of the forms and real scripts from Brian’s files = Only $997

plus shipping and handling

WOW! Thanks David for introducing my system to the marketplace. You did an outstanding job! As an additional incentive to ordering now, I’m offering the following Bonus. . .


TV Script Critique Certificate

Ensure your success when I personally critique your TV script BEFORE you invest time and money producing it!

Purchase your course now and I will give you a consulting certificate good for one critique of your TV script (value = $ Priceless!). I want you to be successful and what better way than to have me personally review your TV script. I’ll indicate necessary changes and give you tips before you spend precious time and dollars producing it. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

The TV Script Critique consulting certificate offer is available for a VERY limited time. Don’t miss out. Order The Do-It-Yourself Television System for Small Business Owners now. Again, this course is designed to sell for $2,000, and a bargain at that. Think of it like this, you could spend that amount on one lousy print ad in your local newspaper and get the same dismal results, or, you could invest in knowledge that could skyrocket your sales now and in the future. For a very limited time, I’m offering the Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners for the low price of just $997.



8 Biggest Mistakes Small Business TV Advertisers Make

Order Now And Get This Book FREE!

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The 8 Biggest Mistakes Small Business TV Advertisers Make
“The 8 Biggest Mistakes Small Business TV Advertisers Make”.
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5-7 business days delivery

This is a Physical Product. It Will Be Shipped To You Via Priority Mail. It Should Arrive Within 5-7 Work Days for US orders.

You Will Receive an Email With Your Invoice Within 15 Minutes After Your Purchase!

After you pay, if you experience any trouble with completion, click here.

“But Wait David, What if I want Brian to do everything for me?”

No problem. In your course you’ll find an Audio CD titled “Do it for you.” Brian outlines how you can consult with him, no matter where you live.   CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW:

But Brian believes small business owners should know the basics even if they have him do the work. So order the course, and when you engage him to consult with you, your $997 will be applied to the consulting fees. Listen, not everyone is looking for continuous long-term growth. Some business owners are content to perk along at the pace they’re going. If that description fits you, then The Do-It-Yourself Television Advertising System for Small Business Owners isn’t for you. But if you have plans to grow your business over the next few years – double, triple or quadruple your current annual revenues – my advice is, TV advertising is the way to go….if you want to… …Buy the course today and DOMINATE YOUR LOCAL MARKET! -David Frey, President-Marketing Best Practices Inc.

“If You’re Still Undecided, Let Me Make Your Decision Easier by Extending to You My “No-Way-You-Can-Lose,” 100% Risk-Free Money-Back Guarantee”


With a Guarantee Like that You Have Absolutely Nothing to Lose! So What Are You Waiting For?


Brian Baumann

Baumann Broadcast Marketing LLC.
2710 Preston Ct. Waukesha, WI 53188
Ph: (262) 544-5161

P.S. Now is the best time in history to use television advertising to gain new customers.
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P.P.S.  Congratulations on reading to this point!  As a reward, here is the secret formula for your television advertising success I have perfected over my 25 years of experience;  1) Know that this is a marathon, not a sprint.  Air your ads in specific programs consistenly month after month, year after year without ceasing.  You must INVITE customers into your business everyday.  2.)  You want to OWN a specific program or time period with your ads.  It is better to reach 10% of your market 100% of the time, rather than 100% of the market 10% of the time.  Buy :30 second airtime, but create two separate :15 second ads to air as “book-ends”, and/or air :15 second “stand alone” commercials.  Your competitors will become terrified by seeing you “everywhere”.  Your accountant will be amazed by seeing the increase in revenue.  3.) Maximize your impact on your target consumer by purchasing enough ads to reach a “3.0 weekly frequency”. Repetition is the key to increased sales.  When a person thinks of your product or service category, you want your name to be at the top of the short list of places to purchase.  ”Share of Mind = Share of Market”.  4.)  Each of your commercials should focus on “one big idea” as well as include your brand promise.  Lead with the product you are known for, other product sales will follow.   5.) Change your TV commercial every 6 to 7 weeks to keep things fresh, but don’t change your “brand promise”.  This is very easy to do as you will produce 7 commercials at one time.  6.)  Re-market to those who have entered your business either as a customer or a prospect.  Sales gained will be the highest ROI you will ever experience.  7.)  Rinse and repeat.

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